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Emma VS: Growing Old

growing up

When a person grows older, they are a part of a very lucky group of people. To grow old really means that you can have multiple chances to live out your life in whatever way that makes you happy. To grow old, isn’t as much as a bad thing as some people define it. To grow old can mean that you can stay up late at night, eat ice cream for breakfast and go to parties without needed your parents’ permission. To grow up isn’t a bad thing either, you get to see the world in a different light. Yes, sometimes the world looks a little darker and a little less rose-colored but growing up can offer you new things to appreciate. Growing old and growing up are two things that I always kept separate from each other. But the older I get, the more I appreciate being older and to opportunity to grow older. With growing older I can get the chance to learn from my mistakes, and grow up into the type of person I wish to become. Growing older helps you grow up not just as an adult but as a person you are meant to grow into. I feel like to truly enjoy life that you must grow old but keep a small amount of your young ways.


What do you think? Do you like growing up and growing old? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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NaBloPoMo post: If you could get rid of a worry, what would it be?

Worried About a Bill.svg.hi

I am sure that my worries tend to run very similar to the general population especially being a new mom, someone who is still young and figuring out what life is all about. If the opportunity arises, the one worry I would get rid of would be the worry of money, being more specific would be the worry of the lack of money. I would love it if I lived in a world where I could wake up everyday without worrying about paying bills on time or if I can do something simple like buying coffee. Money is such a major part of our lives that we forget how powerful it is in our lives until we don’t have enough of it. I see people live the kind of lives where they travel every other week and I can’t help but think how jealous I am and wished I could live a bit more freely. Sometimes I think that if I had more money I could do so. Now, I don’t want to come across like I am not willing to work to get more money. I understand that concept completely. It is more of the idea that I am wanting to complain about it now.

What kind of worries would you want to get rid of if you could? Leave me a comment below!

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Facebook Games-learn about your friends.

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the recent trend on Facebook where you list a certain number of random facts about you and then when one of your friends likes the post, you must give them a number to complete the same task. I like to think that I’m not on Facebook enough to be completely caught up on things of this nature but lets face it, everyone knows what is on Facebook. I think the only people who don’t know what’s happening on Facebook are the one-third of the population, who do not have a Facebook account. (According to this article) 

So in an interest of wanting to put myself out there and maybe even allow some of these readers an opportunity to learn a bit more about myself, I decided to go ahead and post my Random Facts that I had completely on my Facebook page, on to my WordPress blog. Hope you enjoy learning a bit more about it this way and feel free to write in the comments below a few facts about yourself too!

12 Random Facts about Emma.

1. My favorite color is purple.
2. I absolutely love appreciating the little things in life.
3. I am a very outgoing person that likes to be around people.
4. I am an only child, which allowed me to appreciate being alone.
5. I am a highly organized person.
6. Knowledge is truly power and I love to learn, even if its a random fact, I enjoy knowing things.
7. I have 5 tattoos and my first one was on my lip when I was 18.
8. I love to travel and always dream about visiting far off places. I even dream about visiting outer space!
9. I will always and forever be a dreamer and a hopeless romantic. No matter how much reality tries to dissapoint me, I always live with my head in the clouds.
10. My most recent aspiration is to be a fiction writer.
11. I feel blessed to be able to say that I have achieved one of my life’s goals. Also that the finish line for another is in March. 
12. If anything, I like to march to the beat of my own drum. Luckily for me, I married a drummer that likes to beat at the same tempo as me! 😀

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