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Happy Half Birthday

9-13-14 Six Months Old

We went to see a magician today to celebrate 6 months of life for the most amazing little girl I know, my daughter Luella. Well, there is a good chance that I am very biased about her being the most amazing but to me she is and that is what I find most important. Although the magician was a let down, he was just a 20-year-old student that worked at a costume shop, it was still so much fun knowing that we were celebrating this life, short yes but it holds so much promise and brightness. They, as the public would say “You never know what its like to fall in love with something so quickly until you have kids.” Well, I know now what they always meant by that and I am so honored that I am a part of this amazing little person’s life. To know that I am the one that will nourish her into a great existence is such an honor that it overwhelms me with joy.

Happy Half Birthday my little one and may this half be a prelude to the happiness that lies in the next half!


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Luella Smiles


Here is another GIF for you to enjoy! I recently upgraded my phone (finally) from a cheap, dinky phone to an iPhone 5 (YAY!) and have really been enjoying the ‘burst’ option with the camera. Especially with a 4 month old and with so many moments I wish to capture, this allows me to get multiple pictures taken a one particular moment. With all of these great pictures that I now have, I wanted to do something with them other than pick out which one I thought was best and then just delete the rest. So then I had the brilliant idea to make GIF files out of them!!! I thought it was brilliant.


I hope you enjoy this moment where my daughter is laughing at my funny faces.. These truly are the moments that I look forward to every single day and now you get to see what is so special to me when Luella smiles.


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The First of many Father-Daughter Dances


There is nothing like a nice dance in the morning to start off your days right. Here’s to many more father-daughter morning dances!


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Our new home.


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Quick capture of the dying day.


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Cute baby alert!


This is what she did after a sneeze.  What a cutie!! #TheWuwellaShow

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HBO “Girls” Season 3 Trailer

I’m in a love/hate relationship with this show but I’m still excited about the new season coming out Jan. 12th.

Anyone having a Season Premiere watching party????

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November 24, 2013 · 6:56 pm